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javier calvo

With 35 years of Experience as Deejay, JAVIER CALVO… professionally known as “JAVI DEEJAY” was born in Jaén in 1971. From a young age he felt influenced by Styles such as Funk, Soul and all his new sub-genres such as R&B, Acid Jazz, etc., without forgetting the great music groups of all time while feeling a special devotion to more pistero rhythms such as the House and its most elegant aspects (Deep, Soulful and Nu-Disco) that since it started His musical career as a DJ has always been vital in his Live Sets.
He started his DJ career at the age of 16, with the help of great DJs residing in the capital, where he started DJing with vinyl, to modernize himself until today mastering the latest techniques of dijing.
He spent his golden stage, alternating several of his sets in different fashion venues in the Jienense capital, until one day he began his career as a radio announcer. Many were the stations where he left his mark, but without a doubt, 40 Principales de Jaén was the station that put him on the bandwagon. Creator with his cousin Art Molero of the program called "Muévelo Sin Parar" dedicated to dance music and endorsed by the main record companies in that musical style, he managed to catch high levels of audience and national fame.
Taking advantage of his pull on the radio and after having presented several great events in Jaén, he takes what is going to be one of his most important residences as a DJ, the “2 PiR Different” room in Mengíbar where he has the opportunity, thanks to the exquisite programming of the room to meet great djs on the national scene such as DJ Chus, David Penn, Pedro del Moral, David Gausa,
Dr. Kucho, Abel Ramos, Alberto Tapia and Pedro Miras, Fernandisco, Tony Aguilar and a long etcetera, apart from playing with large groups and famous soloists at that time.
When he finished his residency in this room, he decided to get on the bandwagon of music classics, which were in great demand at that time in the capital, which made him, apart from changing his musical record, become part of the trendy café Café “Mombasa”. ”, Where he meets his cabin mate and future projects Alex Mudarra.
In 2012 and after making the people of Jaén dance with the best music classics and reinforcing his image as a DJ with great wisdom and musical culture, he decided with his partner Alex to create an Association in order to teach new generations of DJ's, who did not know how to appreciate old techniques and good rhythms due to a lack of musical culture. They named this Association DJS UP. When they did not achieve the expected result, they decided to transform it into Training and design a LiveShow that led them to visit the geography of the province of Jaén for the following 3 years, due to the success and demand for said product.


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